Nablus’s kids letters

Dua’a and Dalal Akleek

Hi ,

We are Dua’a and Dalal Akleek , we are twins sisters , we are 8 years old.

We live in Nablus with our Mom, and our father in Israeli prison, we used to go to visit him every week.

He is our hero, we hope that he will be released soon, so we can’t hug him now as we meet him behind glasses, and he can’t take us out and buy all the things we need.

Dua’a: I love singing and dancing, I love computer games, and I love my school

Dalal: I like what my sister likes , we are twins and best friends.

(Dua e Dalal Akleek)

Aya , Hiba and Mojahid Abo

Hi everybody

We are Aya , Hiba and Mojahid Abo Sarreyye,

We are 8, 9,and 7 years old , we live with our mother in Nablus.

Hiba: I am the oldest sister, I love my brother and sister . Our father is Martyr , me and Aya still remember him, but Mojahid he never met him, we know that he is in a better place now with angels, I always have his picture with me.

Aya:I love to go to school to see my friends , then after school I love to play football.

Mojahid: I love Nablus , I like playing football but not with my sister.

(Aya , Hiba and Mojahid Abo Sarreyye)


I am Ibrahim , I am 9 years old in 4th grade.

I live In Nablus, a city in Palestine, I have one sister her name is Ashraqat.

I love dancing and singing, and gymnastic.

When I grow up I want to travel and meet people from everywhere.



My name is Duha, it means dawn in English.

I am 8 years old, I love my school, and I love helping my mother in kitchen.

I love watching cartoons, and reading stories, and I love painting.



My name is Saja , I’m 8 years old

I live in Nablus.

I love my city, it is very big, amazing people live in it.

All my friends are here as well.

And we are always happy to have new friends from all over the world.


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  1. hi children!!!!
    I’m Giulia and i’m 12 years old. I read your letters and I think they are beautiful!! !You are very nice children!!!!! I’m happy when you write for us!!!!
    By Giulia

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